Hi! My name is Wutt. Many knows me by the name Noom. I do have a few more nicknames, but please feel free to call me whatever name you like.

I’d called myself a C++ programmer. Been writing C++ since my university years, and working professionally using it primarily for 12 years. I also write Go, C#, and Java, as well.

Currently I’m working at HotPlay as a senior game developer, focus on the backend services. Before that I was at True Axion Interactive, working on creating a core library for new backend projects.

I was starting out as a game developer at Sanuk Software back in 2006. I was working on some J2ME, Nintendo DS, PSP and XBox 360 projects back then.

During 2008-2018, I was working at DST Financial Services International Limited, with the IFDS Canada team, on a mutual fund record keeping system as a C++ frontend developer. I was working in a large international team. During this time I had a chance to work with people from all around the world. It was a blast!

I got back into the game industry in 2019. It’s certainly interesting how landscape has changed during the years. Back then we have to created our game engine. Now we have engines like Unreal Engine or Unity 3D already available for us.

I’m interested in Graphics and Game, especially in text rendering and localization. I’m also interested in Game Audio as well. You will find the majority of content on this website, and projects on my Github, focus on these two topics.

In my free time, I’d read books, play music, or play video games. I can play a little bit of piano, guitars, and drums. Besides all that I’m also studying Japanese on my own. Still yet to get an N5, but not before long!

Please feel free to contact me via the social media links above, or email me at wutipongw at outlook dot com.