December 2018 Shopping Spree

Last month was a shopping month for me. I’ve spent somewhere around one hundred thousand baht for stuffs. One reason is I went to Japan where something is a little bit cheaper there. One other reason is … end of year sales I guess (especially on Steam)

And below is what I bought in the last month.

1. Virtual Reality

My focus of the last month is VR. I bought two VR headset: HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. I bought both of them because there are games that available exclusively on each platforms.

Personally I don’t find much differences between the two. May be because I only have different games on different platforms, I couldn’t make comparisons. Comfort-vise, I think PSVR is better. However, Vive is better on specs, and it also supports room-scale VR (which I don’t have enough space to try).

2 Drawing Tablet

Last year I bought the Intuos Pro M, and it works pretty well. This year I found that the Cintiq Pro was on sales (with ~12000 yen discount), so I get one of them. Since the Cintiq is also a screen, it’s much easier to use than the Intuos.

3 Software

I was trying out a number of 3D graphics applications. One of the software I bought is Marvelous Designer 8. Basically it’s a cloth designer software for 3D models. This one is made popular by Hideo Kojima and his team at Konami, as it was used in the Metal Gear Solid series since the 3rd installment I believe. With MD8, clothing looks much more realistic than modelling each cloth by hands, as it uses the actual clothing pattern, and it simulates cloth in realtime very well.

Asides from Marvelous Designer, I’ve also got Marmoset Toolbag and Substance Painter+Designer suite.

Well, to be honest, I’m not a graphics designer/modeller. I’m a programmer. The reason I get thses software (along with the Cintiq above) is to learn what the graphics people do in their real life. I think that would give me insight on how should I talk with them at least.

4 Game

I bought a few VR games, eg. Summer Lesson, Beat Saber, VR Kanojo, Doom VFR. VR to me feels very new, everything is so near and I feel like I’m in the situation. Sometime it can be scary.

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