ZipPicView UWP 2019.01

It’s been a while since the last update. Well, I’ve found an issue yesterday while printing image, so I just fix that bug and publis it.

However, more importantly, I’ve also changed the version scheming to year.month with this release.

One of the pain points I have with this program is versioning. I can’t figure it out whether it should be major, minor, point releases, etc. So later last year I’ve decided to make it simpler. I don’t release multiple version of the software anyway, and I don’t even have branching with this project. Making multiple version seems silly to me.

The version scheme is then changed as mentioned above, because I’m pretty sure that I won’t have too many version in one month. However I can still add another running number after that version scheme if I really have to release more version.

Apart from that, here’s the bug fixes.

  1. When printing image, the image should have filled the printing area entirely. However in some circumstance it doesn’t do so.
  2. If the directory/zip file contains corrupted files or unrecognized files, the program will crash.

Regarding the 2), I think there are still problem that needs to solve. I’ll be working on that later.

So, please wait for the update. It should be arriving to your Windows device within a few days. For anyone that doesn’t have it yet, please feel free to check it out at Microsoft Store.

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