Starbucks Thailand 24 hr. – Amarin Plaza

Introduction: Recently I’ve been to Starbucks Coffee almost everyday. I usually go to the 24 hours store as I can stay up very late. I also put up some photo on Facebook to tell my friends what store I go to. Some of my friends told me that I should write some review of these stores.

And that’s how this series originated.

One thing to keep in mind, I usually go to these store during 10PM-2AM. This series of article only cover that period of time. I could not talk about other periods of time as I usually don’t go to the store at that time.

Starbucks – Amarin Plaza

Let’s begin with the Amarin Plaza branch. This store is located at the first floor of Amarin Plaza, close to the main road. This branch is listed as operating in 6.30-22.00, which is not up-to date. At the store, there are signs saying that this is 24 hours store.

The customer support system of Starbucks Thailand is not operating very well currently. The mobile app even crashes when you’re checking the store information.


Amarin Plaza building is located at Rajaprasong intersection, opposite to the Gaysorn Plaza building, near Central World plaza and Police Hopital.

The easiest way to get to the store is to take BTS skytrain to the Chid Lom station. Then after 200m of walk on the skybridge, facing Siam Square, the building will be on the left. At this point you should be able to see the store.

However, if you’re driving, you can use the parking lot of the building. This parking lot can be entered through the Rama 1 road entrance or the Rajadamri entrance. Upon entering the parking lot, you’ll be receiving a parking card. Take this card to the store and ask for a stamp, then you will get 3 hours of parking for free. After that, it is 30 baht per hour. This rate is pretty cheap for one of the most expensive area of Thailand.

Also, the parking lot availability at night is pretty good. I never have to drive to higher than the first floor. Of course this does not apply to other time slots.

In the store

This branch, as per my sight estimation, is around 30-40 sqrt. meters. There are around 20-30 tables (two seats each) inside. Personally I think this store is aiming for tourists and people using fitness inside the building (which is also open 24hr), therefore most of the tables here are pretty short. It will be very awkward to work in these tables. The other tables that are adequate enough to work are usually occupied. If you’re planing to do some remote work in the store, be prepare that you might get a good table.

In the other hand, it’s good enough for discussions and meetings. I’ve never seen this store fully occupied (at night, of course).

The temperature in the store are on the warmer side, so you might want to order iced or blended (frappucino) drinks rather than hot drinks. Anyway, temperature do vary from visits to visit. I’d say I’ve never seen this store getting shivering cold. You don’t have to bring your jacket out.

At this store, there’s no ‘Starbucks Reserve’ drink nor ‘Nitro Cold Brew’. Only normal Starbucks menu are available.

Facility around the store.

There are rest rooms/toilets in the building. In fact, a lot of them. Although it’s pretty old (as is the build), they are quite clean. I’d never know how it is in the ladies though.

Beside the store, there is a branch of McDonald which also opens 24hr. This branch is pretty standard in my opinion.

Also in the building, there is a 7-eleven convenient store, which is again 24 hours.

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