Starbucks Thailand 24 Hr. – Montien

So, the branch that I’m going to tell you is actually the one that I pass by quite often. However, I’ve just noticed not long ago that it opens 24 hours.

Starbucks – Montien

And… the branch that I’m talking about today is the Montien branch. This branch locates at the Montien Mall, in front of Montien Hotel Bangkok. This hotel is on the Surawongse road, NOT the Rama 3 road Montien Riverside Hotel. Please make sure you don’t go to the wrong place!!


Montien Hotel locates on the Surawongse Road. You can get there either from Surawongse road or Rama 4 road.

If you’re using public transport, Saladang BTS station is pretty near. From there you can walk through the soi Pat Pong to the Surawongse road. Also the MRT Sam Yarn is not too far. From there, you can walk on the Rama 4 road.

If you’re driving, you could get to the hotel from either Surawongse rd. or Rama 4 rd. as mentioned. This hotel has a pretty large parking building, so finding parking lot is not really hard. However, the parking building is quite dark in my opinion. Also the way inside and the parking lot are both quite narrow.

Driving larger car like Honda Stream proves to be quite a challenge.

Parking fee here is 50 baht per hour. However, you can ask for a stamp at any store in the hotel including this Starbucks coffee. This stamp worth 3 hours of parking.

In the store

This store is approximately 70-80 square meters. Most table are high ones, so you can happily work in the store. There’s a large bar table with 12 seats, more than 10 of high table that you can work at, and the shorter tables that you might want to sit at when discussing something.

Because this store is close to the tourism (Soi Pat Pong), office space (Saladang), and education institution (Sam Yarn), there are tourists, office workers, and students at the store almost all the time.

This store is moderately large with a lot of table, but there are a lot of customers almost all the time. It might be difficult to get a table/seat. Also if you drive here and decided to leave without buying, you have to pay for enter fee for 50 baht.

The temperature at this store can be freezing. It’s a good idea to bring your jacket.

Facility around the store

This area, as you might already know, is quite lively. There’s even a pub at the opposite side of the store, if I’m not mistaken.

In the mall, there are a Japanese Restaurant, another cafe’ which opens to late hour (haven’t tried this one), and Burger King which also opens 24 hrs. You won’t be starving as long as your pocket don’t let you be.

Also it’s not really difficult to find a convenient store or two around. Just make sure you remember the way to get back.

One problem is about toilet. This toilet belongs to the mall, and it closed at 24.00 along with the mall as well. So if you need to use one after that hour, good luck finding one. Also this toilet will cost you 5 baht per use. Make sure to prepare some coin before hand, as using large bill can upset the keeper!

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