ZipPicView – Universal Windows Platform version


It’s been a while. I’ve been working with ZipPicView, in Universal Windows Platform version for quite some time now.

ZipPicView is an image viewer which can open images directly from archive (zip, rar) without extracting. I have quite a few version of these already, for example : Web, Java Swing, WxWidgets, Electron, and Winform. The best version so far is the wxWidgets which is written in C++.

I have one more implementation today, which is Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Basically it’s a native Windows 10 version that should works better with touchscreen.

However Currently it’s not ready for production just yet. There’re quite a few bugs that I have to get rid of before publushing it. Not really sure if I want to publish on the Windows Store or not. However, it will be free as it’s an open source project. The code is shared with the Winform version of ZipPicView above.

This version is written in C# with quite a lot of async feature due to UWP nature. I don’t really like and dont’ buy into those Asynchronous programing as it can leads to problems sometimes (eg. press Open button twice results in two open dialog).


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